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Spanisch Madeleines

Mai 17th, 2016|

We offer spanish Madeleines from Arenas in various shapes and flavours. Filled with chocolate, with coconut flavour, with butter as well as the famous madeleines "valencianas".

Greek olives and sundried tomatoes

Mai 17th, 2016|

Discover our new Greek products. Kalamata olives (pitted also available), Chalkidiki green olives, green olives "for Heroes" as well as naturally sun dried tomatoes in oil.

Trasiego Viñas Viejas

März 6th, 2016|

Garnacha vines from 45 year old vines have been carefully selected to create this wine. Additionally, Trasiego viñas viejas has been matured over 3 months in French and American barrels. [...]

Querientes Crianza and Roble

März 6th, 2016|

Try out our new wines from the D.O. Uclés region! Querientes Roble 2014 (Tempranillo and Shiraz) is full of fruit and toast aromas with a hint of vanilla. An appealing [...]

Paella rice from Valencia

März 6th, 2016|

With the new rice from Santo Tomás your paellas will turn out even better than before! The variety „Arroz bomba“ from Santo Tomás comes in a 1 Kg  traditional textile [...]

Squid and Iberian chorizo croquettes from Gorena

März 6th, 2016|

Try our new croquettes flavors from Gorena! The croquettes from small squids (chipirones) give a full seafood taste and are a nice little addition for your menu. The other new [...]