With the new rice from San­to Tomás your pael­las will turn out even bet­ter than before! The vari­ety „Arroz bom­ba“ from San­to Tomás comes in a 1 Kg  tra­di­tion­al tex­tile bag and ide­al for prepar­ing pael­la dish­es due to its high absorp­tion capac­i­ty. The vari­ety „Arroz Extra“ from San­to Tomás (1 Kg) is a clas­si­cal round grain rice, ide­al for your Mediter­ranean rice dish­es and a more eco­nom­i­cal alter­na­tive to the „arroz bom­ba“. Both types are 100% Span­ish as well as hav­ing a Pro­tect­ed Des­ig­na­tion of Orig­in „D.O Arros de Valen­cia“.